Professional Teeth Cleanings and Complete Checkups

At Pompano Family Dental, we help you keep your natural teeth healthy and beautiful for a lifetime. As a part of this commitment, we offer several preventive care services that aim to protect and fortify your smile. One of the most important of these is professional dental cleanings and regular oral care examinations, which we recommend at least twice a year for all our patients.

Regular checkups and professional cleanings form a solid foundation for any preventive dentistry plan. They allow us to evaluate your dental health and diagnose and treat any issue in their earliest stages using the most conservative form of treatment. A regular dental checkup at our practice comprises of the following:

  1. Evaluation: We thoroughly examine your teeth, gums, lips, inner cheeks, tongue and jawline for any signs of problems such as cavities, bruxism, gum disease, misalignment, bite imbalances, hairline fractures, TMJ dysfunction, etc.
  2. X-Rays: To detect any underlying problems that may not be visible to the naked eye, we make use of digital X-rays which emit much less radiation than traditional X-Rays and are hence a lot safer.
  3. Oral Cancer Screening: We include oral cancer screenings as a part of our regular dental exam to help you keep the disease at bay and detect any early warning signs of its occurrence.
  4. Cleaning: A dental cleaning makes use of special dental instruments to clean off plaque and tartar from the mouth from areas where your brush and floss may not be able to reach. The procedure leaves your mouth feeling fresh, clean and healthy and devoid of any bacterial and plaque deposits and bad breath.
  5. Consultation: we answer any questions that you may have about your oral health and suggest appropriate treatments and other forms of preventive care for you.

We’re happy to help patients achieve and maintain their optimal level of oral health. Schedule your professional teeth cleaning and complete dental checkup at our practice today. Call us at (954) 526-1927.

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Our Happy Customers

"It's hard to find a professional dentist like Dr. Gisele, she is definitely one-of-a-kind her and her staff are so kind and caring! The clinic at Pompano Family Dental is very clean and organized."


"Pompano Family Dental is great! The staff is really friendly and efficient, the facility is impeccably clean, organized and modern. The dentist, Dr. Gisele Oliveira, is simply fantastic. She will take care of you in a very professional and sweet way. She will explain things clearly, answer your questions patiently and calm you down if you are afraid of needles. The prices are great and so is the financial planning.
I have tried several dental offices in South Florida and so far this is the best.
It is definitely worth the 45-minute drive from my house.
I absolutely recommend this place!"


"Great people, wonderful service, super accommodating, will def be returning and referring my friends and family."

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